Colin Brechbill is COO and CTO at Cision Capital Management a vertically integrated private equity fund for the SFR Institutional Space. Colin Brechbill is Founder/CEO at Rentmoji™ Institutional PM Software available for Main Street managers and investors.

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Colin Brechbill is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer responsible for leading and enhancing the full vertical operations for Cision Capital Management. Having designed, coded and fully implemented several platforms designed specifically for the SFR space, his knowledge continues to lead the way for increased efficiency and scale. Colin Brechbill was also a founding partner of US Home Aggregation, Residential Capital Management (RCM 2010-2018) a full service vertically integrated SFR operator, working with the largest SFR institutional funds in the U.S., deploying over 1.2 Billion in capital. Resicap acquired, renovated and managed over 12,800 single family homes. Over 1,200 properties were internally funded, renovated and sold to third parties and 9,500+ homes were purchased renovated and stabilized on behalf of Private Equity partners. He was responsible for operations and their proprietary technology platform.  Colin Brechbill is the architect and creator of several proprietary technologies created to increase operational efficiency and scale for the single family rental space. Colin has successfully launched several platforms that provide streamlined efficiency in the acquisition, construction rehab, property management and maintenance verticals of the single family rental space. Rentmoji™ is the first institutional level Property Management software available to main street managers and investors.  Rentmoji™ improves scaled property management operators getting them organized and effective all while dramatically reducing administrative overhead and saving time.Rentmoji™ utilizes a SMART methodology platform, mapping out each vertical by automating property syndication, lead harvesting, resident screening, document storage, maintenance workflow management, vendor management, accounting and more.  Rentmoji™ was designed by institutional level operators to manage multiple markets and regions all while centralizing property management activities. Rentmoji™ has taken those same systematic principles and incorporated them for main street managers and investors.    

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Technology, Incubators, Real Estate, Property Management, Single Family Rentals, Software, Mobile Applications, Logistical Management, Asset Management, Software Solutions, Birdie Bump Golf, Cision Captial Management